Points of interest in the Apennines

The Reggiano Apennines is that magical place where history, beauty and nature come together giving rise to a current lifestyle, lived in a totally "modern" way but which at the same time allows our minds to do not forget the origins of our cultural "baggage", the pleasure of living Breathtaking views , Clean air and of course Good Food.

Pietra di Bismantova

La Pietra di Bismantova it is that rocky massif with the unmistakable and isolated profile in the shape of a ship that distinguishes the landscape of the Reggio Apennines.

Pieve di San Vitale

La Pieve di San Vitalerises on the slopes of the "summit" of the homonymous mountain. It is characterized by a place surrounded by a beautiful grassy plateau. A structure dating back in part to the 11th century AD. and to the Stone Museum, which still preserves some artefacts from the time.

House of Tibet - Votigno

The Casa of Tibet - Votigno is a magical place just 2km from the castle of Canossa, where you can savor and spiritually experience the traits of Tibetan culture.

Big Bench – Monte Fosola

The Grande Bench of Monte Fosola , on the border between the Municipality of Carpineti and Felina (C. Monti), is n ° 58 of the Big Bench born from the idea of ​​the Designer Chris Bangle and which took shape in the Piedmontese Alta Langa.

A place that transmits serenity and allows you to immortalize yourself in a natural and original context, such in photographing yourself and admiring nature in all its grandeur from a giant bench .